Options Accounts – FAQs

How can the balance or a statement of transactions be obtained ?

The balance or a statement of transactions on an Options Account can be obtained in several ways:

  • On-line, at any time, via our website by registered on-line users, something we highly recommend
  • From the annual statement available for a nominal charge to account holders (not registered as on-line users) by email or post in May
  • By contacting us

When will donations reach chosen charities?

Instructions to make donations to charity are acted upon within 10 days of receipt.

Can the charity claim Gift Aid on my donation?

No, because either tax relief has already been claimed by you as a donor if your donation originated from Payroll Giving contributions or Gift Aid has already been claimed and credited by Charitable Giving on your behalf.

What would happen if donations would exceed the balance on the account?

The instruction(s) will be held until sufficient funds are available.

What should I do if I lose or cannot find my book of vouchers?

You should Contact Us immediately.

Will a book of vouchers be supplied automatically?

No. It will be assumed that account applicants will register as on-line users and manage their account via our website.

If it is essential that you have a book of vouchers, you will have to request one for which there may be a small administration charge to cover printing and postage; any charge will be debited to your account.

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