Corporate Services

As well as administering Payroll Giving schemes, charity accounts, and Every Penny Helps, we can also provide help with managing and promoting your charitable giving.

These services fit into the following categories:


Although Charitable Giving does not do any fundraising as such, something we feel is better left to a Professional Fundraising Organisation (PFO), we can help with managing your fundraising where we provide advice on strategies, help develop and project manage a fundraising campaign, and assist in working with a PFO.

Whether you call it corporate social responsibility or simply charitable giving, with our experience in the sector, we can help you develop an appropriate policy, including strategies and targets.

Success in fundraising depends on an awareness of what schemes are available and how they work – to this end, we can assist with training on an individual, group, or workshop basis on such topics as “Introducing a Payroll Giving scheme” or “Payroll Giving: Sustainable Income for Charities”.


The easier it is for employees to sign-up and manage their Payroll Giving, the more successful it is likely to be. And what could be more convenient than being able to do it from your own desk via the company Intranet?

For this reason, we offer our clients the facility to access dedicated pages in a secure area on our website – the pages can be branded and worded as you wish and they can only be accessed from your Intranet – in it’s simplest form, the pages comprise a “landing” page linked to a Donation Choice Form where employees can sign up and amend their Payroll Giving profile – the Donation Choice Form is then submitted directly to us for processing. What could be quicker or simpler?

If you would like to see a sample of what could be available to you, please click here.

Managing Matched Giving

Although many of our clients match their employees’ Payroll Giving deductions in some way, many also enhance the charitable funds raised by employees through sponsored events and activities.

Such activities take place thoughout the year and, as well as collating the funds raised by employees or groups of employees, funds have to be regularly distributed to a large number of charities. And then there’s the reporting! – Which charities received the most money? Which office or branch raised the most money? How many employees were engaged in raising money for charity?

The administration of such funding is time-consuming! So, why not let Charitable Giving do the work for you – we already have in place the facilities to collect and distribute money as well as to carry out the analyses you require.

For further details or to discuss your own particular needs, please Contact Us or telephone 01822 611180.

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