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The following items may be freely downloaded:

Item Released Filename File Size
Administration Charges 13/03/17 pgadmincharges.pdf 138KB
Employer's Checklist 27/10/14 pgemployerschecklist.pdf 140KB
Information Sheet 27/10/14 pginformationsheet.pdf 144KB
Payroll Giving Brochure 28/06/17 pgbrochure.pdf 2.51MB
Scheme Administration Checklist 27/10/14 pgadminchecklist.pdf 144KB
Sending Payroll Giving Monies 30/04/15 pgsendingmonies.pdf 149KB
Payroll Giving: Employer's Pack* 13/03/17 pgemployerspack.pdf 1086KB

* contains all of the above items plus the Payroll Giving Contract and the Donation Choice Form (also available separately in the Forms category)

Individual Options Account: Information Sheet 24/10/14 indivoptionsaccinfo.pdf 270KB
Individual Options Account: Terms & Conditions 10/02/17 ioats&cs.pdf 149KB
Individual Options Account: Donor’s Pack * 14/05/15 ioadonorspack.pdf 1344KB

*contains the above items plus Individual Options Account Application and Standing Order Request (also available separately in the Forms category)

Corporate Options Account 24/10/14 corpoptionsaccinfo.pdf 152KB
Every Penny Helps: Donating Pence from Net Pay 24/10/14 ephdonatingpence.pdf 150KB
Every Penny Helps: Employer’s Pack* 13/08/15 ephemployerspack.pdf 877KB

* contains the above item plus the Contract/Corporate Options Account Application, Group, and Individual Gift Aid Declarations (also available separately in the Forms category)

On-Line Charity Reporting: User Guide 19/12/11 onlinecruserguide.pdf 788 KB
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