Every Penny Helps

Donating Pence From Net Pay

Have you ever thought that even the pennies on a payslip could be used for charitable giving? Well, they can – through Every Penny Helps

  • Every Penny Helps is a scheme, complementary to Payroll Giving, to enhance your contributions to charity. Administered by Charitable Giving, the scheme enables employees to donate the pence from their net pay to any charity nominated by their employer
  • You do not have to operate a Payroll Giving scheme to participate although it makes a complementary partner
  • Currently, if 60p is deducted from a net pay of say £278.60, the employee would retain £278.00 and 75p would be available for donation to charity with the Gift Aid enhancement
  • Just think how effective such a scheme could be. It will appeal to many employees and the results are so rewarding – with an average monthly donation of 50p per employee, as few as 100 subscribers could raise over £750 per annum


What are the benefits?


  • Deductions are enhanced by Gift Aid and can be matched if desired – an excellent way to provide extra funds for one’s Charity of the Year, for example
  • Appeals to a wide cross section of staff and high levels of participation can be achieved
  • Freedom to nominate any charity for donations and to distribute donations whenever desired
  • Manage your scheme on-line at www.charitablegiving.co.uk to obtain statements and provide instructions to distribute funds by e-Voucher
  • The scheme is simple in concept and simple to operate: you deduct the pence – Charitable Giving will do the rest!

How does the scheme work?


  • The first step is to deduct the pence from each subscribing employee’s net pay
  • After each payroll run, a list of donors should be sent to us with their deductions which will be credited to a Corporate Options Account where they will remain until we are instructed to distribute them to charity
  • We will reclaim the Gift Aid and credit it to your Corporate Options Account
  • The management charge is 4% of the total deductions received; this can either be paid by the company or taken out of the deductions received

What do you have to do to subscribe?


  • Download an Every Penny Helps: Employer’s Pack
  • Complete the Contract & Corporate Options Account Application
  • Send the form to your Payroll Department who should then send a copy to us
  • Get subscribing employees to either add their names to the Group Gift Aid Declaration or individually complete an Individual Gift Aid Declaration (this can also be used for subsequent additional subscribers); additional forms are available from Downloads - Forms
  • Send all the completed forms to Charitable Giving either by email to forms@charitablegiving.co.uk or by post
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