30 Years of Payroll Giving

6 April 2017



Today is Payroll Giving’s 30th Anniversary!

It’s time to celebrate all the good things that Payroll Giving donations have helped to achieve - from providing life-saving treatments, to giving animals a loving and forever home.

Set up by the government in 1987, the Payroll Giving scheme is a tax efficient method of giving to any UK registered charity or charitable organisation from your salary or pension. It’s a simple and easy way to support causes that are important to you. Payroll Giving is proven to be one of the most sustainable ways to give to charity, as once people start the scheme they maintain their loyalty and give for longer.

The Payroll Giving scheme has now raised £2 billion for good causes and benefits everyone involved. Employees can give more to charity for less, employers have found that the scheme boosts morale in the workplace and charities receive a regular and reliable source of income.

Last year over 1 million people gave through their employers Payroll Giving scheme, donating £122.5 million to UK charities. Employers matched £7 million worth of their employee’s donations, bringing the gross amount donated through Payroll Giving to almost £130 million.

To mark the 30th Anniversary we want to get even more people involved in Payroll Giving. We’re reaching out to employers, employees and charities to show their support of the Payroll Giving scheme. Together we could make a huge impact and help charities to improve the lives of millions across the world.

Click here to meet the special individuals from Chestertons, Royal Mail, ASOS, Talk Talk and The Silver Line who will tell you about the impact Payroll Giving has had on them.

...and as if that wasn’t enough – we are one of the original Payroll Giving Agencies so it’s our 30th Anniversary too!

On 6th April 1987 Major Bill Lane started Charitable Giving from the stables of his home just outside Tavistock.

To help with the start-up, the local Post Office gave Bill 1,100 2nd class stamps. He used all the stamps to send letters to employers in Devon and Cornwall informing them of the Payroll Giving scheme, to which he only received three replies!

Despite this relatively slow start, his perseverance paid off - and Charitable Giving is now one of the largest Payroll Giving Agencies in the country processing well over £1 million to more than 4,000 charities every month.

Now in his 86th year, and as passionate as ever about Payroll Giving, Bill reminisces:

“I founded the business and started operating on 6 April 1987. In the first year, I administered the distribution of £480 of charitable donations from three employers to three charities.”

Help us to make some noise about Payroll Giving by joining our Thunderclap and using the hashtag #PayrollGivingat30 on Twitter.

If you’d like to join the party and encourage your employer to start a Payroll Giving scheme, visit our website www.charitablegiving.co.uk or call us on 01822 611180 to find out how easy it is!

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