New Quality Mark Criteria

The Payroll Giving Quality Marks are a Government supported accreditation designed to recognise and reward organisations who offer and promote the Payroll Giving Scheme. There are five levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Clients who achieve a Quality Mark are sent the appropriate Quality Mark certificate and logo to use on their company materials. Quality Mark certificates are emailed to Employer Clients during May/June each year and are signed by a Government Representative as well as the Chair of the APGO.

This year, the Payroll Giving Quality Mark criteria for each level have changed.
We hope these changes will better reflect the level of commitment our clients put in to growing and maintaining their Payroll Giving Scheme.

Previously, Quality Marks were awarded to employers based solely on their employee participation. Now, the participation percentage will be translated into a point per percent, capped at 30 points, with additional points available to employers for:

  • paying the admin charges
  • matching donations
  • hosting promotional events
  • running digital promotions

This means on participation alone employers will no longer be able to exceed the Gold level. Employers will need to demonstrate their commitment to the scheme by fulfilling one or more or the additional criteria to reach the higher levels. The number of points for each of the criteria above depends on the employer size, see the table below.

Employer SizePoints
1-99 6
100-999 7
1,000-4,999 8
5,000-9,999 9
10,000 10

The points are then added up to create a total which is used to calculate the Quality Mark level.

Total PointsQuality Mark
1-10 Bronze
11-20 Silver
21-30 Gold
31-40 Platinum
41+ Diamond

Visit the APGO website to try out the calculator to see your current level, and what you can do to reach the next!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.