We're On Our Way to Net Zero

We've reached an important milestone in our efforts to reach Net Zero.

Business and IP Devon have recognised our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and our journey towards greater sustainability in our workspace and our working practices.

From rooftop to desktop

For the past year, we've taken a long, hard look at where we work and how we work. As a result, we've installed insulation, replaced our lighting with an energy-efficient system; we only use the printer when absolutely necessary, and we've adapted our office routines to ensure energy is not wasted – from the light switches to our computers.

Ongoing efforts

There's still work to do, and we're already planning phase two. We're looking into installing solar panels for more sustainable energy consumption, planting trees in the green space next to our offices, and investigating the feasibility of installing EV chargers, plus other initiatives.

Knowledge is power

The project was carried out with the support and guidance of the British Library's Business & IP Centre Devon, whose green initiative helps local firms recognise and improve their carbon footprint with training and funding to reduce emissions.

We're looking forward to continuing to work with the BICP to become as sustainable an operation as possible and to learn what can still be achieved.