'Every Penny Helps'

The 'Every Penny Helps' scheme enables your employees to donate the pence from their net pay to give collectively to an employer nominated charity. The scheme is complementary to Payroll Giving and is a great way to enhance your contributions to charity, but you do not have to operate a Payroll Giving scheme to participate.


  • Deductions may be enhanced by Gift Aid
  • Affordable, and appeals to a wide cross section of staff
  • Boost your CSR initiatives by matching donations
  • High levels of participation can be achieved
  • Freedom to nominate any HMRC recognised charity
  • Distribute donations whenever desired (no less than annually)
  • Register online to check your account balance and view transactions

  Gift Aid Enhancement

Currently, with Gift Aid, eligible donations will be enhanced by 25%. For example, from a net pay of £978.60, 60p would be deducted and the employee would retain £978.00. With Gift Aid enhancement on the 60p, 75p would become available for donation to charity. To claim the Gift Aid we will require a Gift Aid Declaration from each participating employee, this is incorporated within the 'Every Penny Helps' Employee Signup Form.

  Setting up a scheme

To set up your own 'Every Penny Helps' scheme please complete and return our 'Every Penny Helps' form contained within the 'Every Penny Helps' Pack available in Downloads.


Once your account has been set up you will receive an email containing your account number and the bank details of Charitable Giving to enable you to make the first deposit to your account.


  Running the scheme

  • Employees join the scheme by completing an 'Every Penny Helps' Employee Signup Form (includes Gift Aid Declaration)
  • When running payroll, deduct the pence from the net pay of participating employees
  • Collected funds, referenced with your account number, should be sent to Charitable Giving as a single BACS payment or bank transfer
  • Collected funds should arrive with Charitable Giving within 14 days of the end of each income tax month
  • An administration charge of 4% of the total amount donated by participating employees applies
  • The administration charges may be paid by the employer, or they will deducted by Charitable Giving from employees total donations
  • Accompany each payment with a reconciled schedule of participating employees and their donations
  • Send Charitable Giving any new Employee Signup Forms
  • Charitable Giving will claim the Gift Aid (on eligible donations) and credit your account as and when funds are received from HMRC