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The Payroll Giving scheme enables you to donate regularly from your gross pay/pension to charities of your choice. The donations are taken from your pay/pension before income tax is applied, making it a tax-effective way to give.

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  Step 1: Choose your donation

Decide how much you wish to pledge each payday. A £10.00 pledge would only ‘cost’ a standard rate taxpayer £8.00 and a higher rate taxpayer just £6.00. Try our donation calculator to see how much your own pledge would cost based on your own tax rate.


The minimum deduction from your pay/pension is £1 per week or £5 per month. You may donate to as many UK-registered charities or charitable organisations as you wish.
Charities must be recognised by HMRC for tax relief.



Your deduction may be subject to a small administration charge of no more than £10 per month, depending on the administration charge agreed with your employer. If your employer has a Payroll Giving scheme in place with us you can contact either your employer’s Payroll, HR or alternatively email us to find out the charge that will apply to your deduction. Your employer may be supporting your giving by paying our fee – if not, it will be removed from your donation before it is passed on to your chosen charity. We hold Charitable status ourselves and keep our costs both transparent and to an absolute minimum. 

  Step 2: Complete a Donation Choice Form

Use our Employer Search to see if your employer/pension provider has a scheme with us. If your employer is listed, you can continue and submit your Payroll Giving instruction electronically. A PDF version of the Donation Choice Form is also available in Downloads.


If your employer is not listed, contact your payroll team. Your employer may have a scheme with another Payroll Giving Agency.


If your employer does not have a scheme in place and would like to set one up, please direct them to our Employers page for further details.


  Step 3: Relax

Once you've submitted your instruction there's nothing else you need to do. That's one of the great things about Payroll Giving, it's very easy!


Your first deduction will usually be taken the month after you have submitted your instruction(s) and will be shown on your payslip as a deduction from gross pay, commonly described ‘Payroll Giving’.

Payroll Giving monies received by Charitable Giving are handled in accordance with HMRC regulations.


See below the timeline of our Payroll Giving process:



Payments made to charities from Payroll Giving donations will have the reference CHARITABLE GIVING / PAYROLL GIVING.


If at any time you wish to amend or cancel your donation, please submit another Donation Choice Form.


Thank you for supporting the Payroll Giving scheme

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*This applies if your employer/pension provider is meeting the administration charges, otherwise the donation will be subject to a small processing charge