Charity Bank Details

The distribution of charitable funds via BACS is secure, means that funds are received promptly, and is the principal and preferred method of Charitable Giving.

Donations credited to your account by BACS will be referenced on your bank statement by either or both of the following:

“CHARITABLE GIVING/PAYROLL GIVING [or a specific reference]” for donations via the Payroll Giving scheme
“CHARITABLEGIVINGVA/CHARITABLEGIVINGVA [or a specific reference]” for donations from Options Accounts

In order that we can distribute donations to your charity, please complete each of the following sections, Charity Details and Bank Details, and then press the Submit Form button.

Fields marked with an asterisk * are required and must be completed to submit the form

If you have any questions, please contact Charitable Giving by telephoning 01822 611180 or via

Charity Details
Bank Details
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Charitable Giving (Registered Charity No 1128013 Company Registration No 6754603) is an HMRC-Approved Payroll Giving Agency contracted with employers to administer the Payroll Giving schemes. For further information, please refer to and Data provided on this form is secure and only accessible to Charitable Giving.

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